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Last updated on 6th July 2007. 
Resources for Plant Food Lovers in Tokyo

The list has five categories from A (Vegan Places) to D (10% Veg places as they use eggs / fish)

A. Tokyo's 100% Vegan Places: (No dairy or products derived from animals)

1. Vegan Healing Café: Only 8 minutes from Shibuya or Harajuku station (New Place) (Tel: 03-5489-5185)  

It is the most reasonable priced place in Tokyo. Nothing is more than Y990 yen for lunch as well as for dinner. And I loved their vegan cakes. It is inside the lane that is opposite to the Tokyo Hands store’s front glass exit in Shibuya. (Parashion Shibuya Bldg Ste102, 6-20 Udagawa-cho, Shibuya-ku,Tokyo150-0042                                                                                         0/J\0


2. J’s Kitchen: Only 3 minutes from Hiroo Station Exit 1on Hibiya line (New Place) (Tel: 03-5475-2727)

They do not use anything from animal’s body. They use only refined stuff like sugar and flour. It has the capacity of more than 30 people.  5-15-22 Miaminazabu, Minato-KuTokyo 106-0047



3. Its Vegetable : Only 5 minutes from North Exit of Kinshichio Station of Sebu JR Line.  (Tel:3625-1245)

It is a Taiwanese Vegetarian restaurant. It has the capacity of 35 people. Close on Mondays.   4-1-9,  Kinshi, Sumidaku,  (東京都墨田区錦糸)Tokyo

 4. HalfSweets: It is in Shinjuku Isetan building (far from main Isetan building) (Tel: 5367-2780)

They have nice cakes. It is the First Vegan Place in Shinjuku.  They are open only until 8 pm so plan to be there early in the evening.



5. Little Maman: Shinagawa Station (Tel:03-3783-4553) (New Place)

The place is located in next to Shinagawa-station, only one minute ( Atre-Shinagawa building). It is a Japanese macrobiotic vegetarian restaurant but do not use fish or eggs.



6. Pure Café : Only 5 minutes from Omotesando Station  (Tel:5466-2611)

It is the best café I have ever seen in Japan. It was started in Sept. 2003. It is also organic, English Menu. It has Cakes, Soup, Muffins, and Sandwiches etc.  (5-5-21 Minami Aoyama Minato, Tokyo) Open 7days , 8.30 am to 22.30 pm!!!   



7. Cafe Eight: The nearest station is Ikegiri Ohashi on Hanzamon Line.  (Tel: 5458-5262)

The location of this café has been changed now.

3-17-7, Aobadai Meguro, Tokyo 153-0042.


8. der Akkord : Omotesando Station (Tel: 03-6419-2928)

It is a bakery & Deli shop near Omotesando Station, 5-45-5 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku.  It charges some kind of Vegan Tax (pricey place)



9. Tsubu Tsubu Café: Edogawabashi Station (Tel:03-3269-0833)

It is near Edogawabashi station. It is a Japanese macrobiotic vegetarian restaurant but do not use fish or eggs. 

1-17-9, Sekiguchi, Bunkyo-ku



10. Nezunoya: Nezu Station (Tel:3823-0039) 
It is near Nezu station on Chyoda line- Subway. It is a Japanese macrobiotic vegetarian restaurant but do not use fish or eggs. 


11. SomeTime Cafe: It is near Omotesando Station. They organize sometimes lunch and dinner so one has to check when they will have Plant Food lunches and dinners. (New Place)






NOTE: Some places might be selling something (bought from other companies) that might contain butter or honey so it is always a wise idea to triple-check before you buy or consume anything (for that matter anything in Japan). However, all above listed places (in this category A-Vegan) do not use eggs, fish, and dead animals as ingredients in their own cooking at the premises.





  B. Tokyo's 100% Vegetarian Places (i.e., No eggs, fish or dead animals):  (Oriental Veg Option available– No Onion, Garlic)

1. Eat More Greens: Only 3 minutes from Azabu Zuban station (New Place) (Tel: 03-3798-3191)  

It is the spacious place for plant food lovers in Tokyo. Nothing is more than Y1200 yen for lunch as well as for dinner. And I loved their vegan cakes. (106-0045 東京都港区麻布十番2-2-5 フレンシア麻布十番サウス 1F) 150-0042 0/J\0

2. DevaDeva Cafe: Near Kichijoji Station (Tel: 0422216220) (New Place)

It has international food and very nice interior.

.  Nakaichi-  Chinese Veg Place
Kunitachi Station

It is near Kunitachi station  on  JR Chuo-Orange line. They are very friendly.  It is very reasonably priced Taiwanese Chinese restaurant in Tokyo. 


4. Nakaichi- Chinese Veg Place: Tachikawa – Gandeo Dept Store (Tel: 0425402296 )
It is near Tachikawa-Station Building on JR Chuo-Orange line - 7th Floor.


5. Govindas' Vegetable Kitchen: Nakano Station (Tel:03-3387-8998)

It is near North exit of Nakano JR station.  They serve both Japanese as well as Indian food and bakery on the side. It is the most reasonably prized vegetarian restaurant in Tokyo.


6. Free Vegetarian Feast on every Sunday in Tokyo:
Higashi Nakano Station (Tel: 03-5343-9147)
 The nearest station is Higashi Nakano - Odakyu line. Hare Krishna group runs it. 




  C . Only 90% Vegetarian  Places (because they use eggs in making Indian Naan Bread): (Oriental Veg Menu of without onion and garlic is also available)



1. Nataraj Indian Vegetarian Restaurant :  Ginza  Station (Tel:  03- 5537-1515)

It is near Ginza station on Ginza line exit A2. They use eggs in preparing their Naan bread so it might be better either order Rotis or Chapattis that are made of Wholemeal flour (without any eggs).  Recently they have started writing in the Menu that they use eggs in Naan bread. It is pricey location when compared to their Ogikubo’s place.

2.  Nataraj Indian Vegetarian Restaurant : 
Ogikubo Station (Tel: 3398-5108)

It is near Ogikugo station - south exit - on  JR Chuo-Orange line. They use eggs in Naan bread so I would recommend either order Roti or Chapatti that is made of Wholemeal flour. They provide one Roti to Vegan people during their lunch buffet during weekdays (Yen 950). Only lunch on weekday is reasonable priced.

3. Nataraj Indian Vegetarian Restaurant :
  Gainmae  Station (Tel:  03- 5474-0510)

It is near Gainmae station exit 1B on  Ginza line. They use eggs in Naan bread so I would recommend either Roti or Chapatti made from Wholemeal flour. It is pricey location in comparison to their Ogikubo’s place so recommend visiting them in Ogikubo.









 D. Only 10% Vegetarian Places in Tokyo (because they use stuff derived from fish and eggs – Macrobiotic Restaurants).  It would be better to avoid these places whenever possible.


 1. Sai Shoku Ken Bi: Shin Okubo Station (Tel: 03-5332-3627)

It is about 6 minutes walk from Shin Okubo Station.


2. Chaya Macrobiotic Restaurant: Shinjuku Station (Tel:03-3357-0014)

It is located on 7th Floor of the Isetan Dept. in Shinjuku.


3. LOHAS Organic Cafe / E-Life: It is near Nishi Shinjuku station on Marunouchi line. (Tel:5348-5204)